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Given the recent announcement that GM isn't cutting their EV prices, this is an interesting article from GM Authority.

Since the Blazer is a direct competitor to the Mach-E and Model Y, I see the point they're trying to make about a price cut but I don't think it's necessary for GM to do it right now. As they mention the Blazer is already priced in a good spot.

For those who may be unaware, GM announced 2024 Chevy Blazer EV pricing last July, with the base 1LT FWD starting at around $44,995. Meanwhile, at the top of the range, we find the SS AWD starting around $65,995:

  • 1LT FWD: around $44,995
  • 2LT FWD: around $47,595
  • 2LT AWD: TBD
  • RS FWD: around $51,995
  • SS AWD: around $65,995
Now, however, one of the Chevy Blazer EV’s chief rivals, specifically the Mustang Mach-E, just got revised pricing, with the base Select RWD Standard Range starting at $47,495, and the range-topping GT Extended Range with the Performance Package starting at $71,495 (prices include $1,500 destination freight charge):

  • Select RWD Standard Range: $47,495
  • Select AWD Standard Range: $50,495
  • California Route 1 AWD Extended Range: $59,495
  • Premium RWD Standard Range: $52,495
  • Premium AWD Standard Range: $55,495
  • GT Extended Range: $65,495
  • GT Extended Range with Performance Package: $71,495
Not only that, but another big rival in this space, the Tesla Model Y, recently got a price drop as well, with the Model Y Long Range AWD starting at $54,880, and the Model Y Performance AWD starting at $58,380 (prices include $1,390 destination freight charge).

When you break it down, the 2024 Chevy Blazer EV is still more affordable than the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Tesla Model Y, even without a price drop. Nevertheless, competition in this space certainly isn’t going to cool off any time soon, which could suggest that a price drop may be the right move all the same.
For GM, changing pricing would be too soon right now for the Blazer EV. There's no reason to adjust the price until they're ready to start production. This is probably going to be after the IRS has given tax guidance for battery materials. This is where things will get interesting as the tax credit is what's really going to cause price wars for manufacturers. Every manufacturer wants to be able to say that their vehicle will be qualify for $7,500 or even $3750 credit. If they're not able to have the tax credit to be competitive, they're going to have to reduce prices to compete with vehicles that do qualify. For example, this is just my situation but I'm sure I'm not the only one. The blazer RS RWD is what I'm looking at since it will be the one that has 320 mi right now. There is not a set price point for that. I'm assuming it'll be about 56k - 58k. The Tesla Model Y LR would be comparable to this and is 54k. That's before considering right now the model y has a $7500 tax credit. So if the blazer EV RWD was available right now you're looking at over $10,000 difference. I would say that's not a place GM would want to be in.
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