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A little more non-official speculation....... maybe

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So who knows if any of this is real, but make a checklist and see how close they are Monday.

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So who knows if any of this is real, but make a checklist and see how close they are Monday.

Another good find! It all sounds good except for the $70K upper price o_O ! So, they think production will be in Spring Hill rather than Mexico? If so, that would be fine with me. ;) Stay tuned!
I hear you on the price, but hopefully that's a little off. But if you compare it to the Ocean, hopefully it will come better equipped for that price. And that's for the SS. A lower trim might meet my needs as well. We'll know soon........either way!

Yeah, if it is built in TN, which makes sense to use the same line as the Lyriq to me, maybe we can pick them up there!
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It looks like they lowered the ground clearance to keep the range in the vicinity of the Lyriq. Too bad, the Blazer ICE at 7.4 is barely adequate for a real SUV for rural customers. There are 254 counties in Texas and most have plenty of dirt roads that get washed out. This Blazer looks more like a Super Sport something, but not very functional. $70,000 is a rip off considering the competition the Blazer will have in a few years. Probably pass.
No definitive information has been released yet. See what comes out Monday before completely trashing it. Also, that is speculating on the highest trim level. I hope it's not that high as well, but everything else is pretty much running in the same area unfortunately. The EV 6, Mach-E, Ocean and Lyriq are all comparable in pricing on top tier trims.

Maybe the LT, RS or Premiere level could meet your needs if the SS doesn't. Also, the Equinox is supposed to be unveiled in September I believe. That one appears to have more ground clearance to me by the pics.
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