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I'm having a problem with the range and charging math - squaring the proverbial circle. What am I missing?

I know GM have not released battery sizes, but allow me to make a guess. I'll assume GM are providing best-case/optimized numbers. The Bolt got ~240 miles from 60 kWh. The Blazer specs say 320 miles (a third more range), and the Blazer is bigger and heavier - so at least 80 kWh and maybe 90 kWh. Let's play it safe and assume 90 kWh. A smaller battery would add more miles per minute so I'm trying to favor GM.

190 kWh for 10 mins should provide 31.7 kWh. That's ~35% of a 90 kWh pack. That should imply ~112 miles in 10 mins.
Even if it's a 100 kWh battery (same as the Lyriq), that's still over 30% (and should add 101 miles in 10 mins). If it can't charge at full speed from ~5% to ~40%, that would be odd.

78 miles is slightly less than 1/4 of the 320 mile range - and therefore imply roughly 25% of the battery.
(320/78)x31.7 would imply a 130 kWh pack - and that seems absurdly big considering the Lyriq has a 312 mile range and a 100 kWh battery.
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